Message from US-occupied Europe

Today, on a beach in Normandy, the US propaganda machine has organized a major event. Seventy years ago, a modest number of US troops, together with British, Canadian and Polish troops, were landed on that beach. Although German resistance was not nearly as stubborn as feared initially, the English speaking invaders were not able to make rapid progress inland. No wonder, since man for man, the invading armies were not as good at fighting as the Germans.

After half a year of fighting, the English speaking armies had only managed to advance a couple of hundred kilometers, when they were surprised by severe winter weather in the Ardennes.

The real fighting was not being done in the west, despite everything that Hollywood, hack writers, TV-series and the US propaganda machine have been trying to tell the world ever since. The Third Reich was NOT defeated by the US (and their British poodles), but by the Red Army, the armed forces of the Societ Union.

Nevertheless, Western Europeans are being led to believe that it was principally the US that was responsible for defeating the nazis.

The US advance in Europe was NOT a liberation, but an occupation. Under the guise of protecting Europe against all sorts of evil from outside (Communism, terrorism, Al Qaeda, Iraq, Iran, etc.) the US has maintained strong military forces in Europe for the past seventy years. Even after the Berlin Wall came down, the US tried to find a reason to stay.

Now, under their leader Obomba, the US wants to rekindle the Cold War against Russia. Occupied by US forces and brainwashed (and dumbed down) by seventy years of vicious US propaganda, the Europeans have no choice but to do as they are told and follow the US in its agression against the world.

US soldiers are NOT welcome in Europe. We do NOT need them. We want to be friends with Russia and every other nation that cherishes peace. The US has NOT brought us freedom of speech, since there is no freedom of speech in Europe today: so-called anti-discrimination laws are a case in point.

We do NOT want to become obese on inferior, overpriced “food” from US-owned chains such as McDonald’s. We do NOT want to ruin our health with GMO-crops from Monsanto and their European comrades in evil. We do NOT want US-style fracking, which will destroy what is left of our environment. We do NOT want to be surveiled by the NSA, we do NOT want to be subjected to US-style rules and regulations that poison normal relations between citizens. We do NOT want US-style capitalism. We do NOT want the economic and political system that is being forced upon us by the US and its agencies such as the IMF.

We did not want German nazism then, nor do we want US-colonialism today, which is all too similar to German nazism.

And we DO need Russian natural gas.

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